BRIK, Brexit & The Pandemic

by Jemma Adams

We started with a clear aim: our primary form of business was creating custom made edible art for corporate clients, commissioned work in art galleries and private events to support a secondary line of work dedicated to individuals' education (children and teenagers in particularly), community work through local charities and environmental help planting trees every set of bars sold.

When the imminent reality of Brexit rose in Brik's infancy, we quickly adapted the business model for the future. We steered away from retail to instead focus on live events and workshops, using chocolate as our way to create multi-sensory, edible experiences in close collaboration with our clients. We had a small retail range that we were only selling through our webshop and turning our kitchen into a light and nimble operation with little overheads, we worked on all our projects successfully. We received multiple confirmations our mission resonated with transversal thinkers: we won the Wallpaper international design award, were quoted by the Financial Times as a smart investment and we had exciting events lined up through out the year and all over the world. Then Covid happened. Needless to say the events didn’t go through.

Through Covid-19 in fact we had to adapt our production to a new resilient online and digital model and product. We have now moved all our activities online and are doing everything we can to constantly adapt to the ever changing twists and turn 2020 throws at us. So if you find it a little hard to figure out exactly what we’re doing, then it’s because we’re constantly trying to adapt and figure out how to reach our clients. This takes time and we’re not there yet. But we hope you will hang in there with us.

Adam, Raffaella and Kia.